We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2nd Annual Zoe Loren Foundation Photography Contest! This year there were 171 entries, more than double the amount of last year! Thank you to everyone who submitted photographs, those who voted, and especially the wonderful professional photographers who judged the contest.

The winners are:

High School Category

1st Place - "Dusk to Dawn"

By Makayla Martins - Lake Worth Community HS 

High School Category

2nd Place - "Milestones"

By Estefania Rivera, Wellington HS

High School Category

3rd Place - "Enlightenment"

By Noah Mook, Jupiter HS

Middle School Category

1st Place - “Diferente”

By Sebastian Murcia, Bak Middle School of the Arts

Middle School Category

2nd Place - “Make It”

By Samina Alliance, South Tech Prep Middle School

Middle School Category

3rd Place - “Change”

By Sarah Rodriguez, Bak Middle School of the Arts

People’s Choice Category Winner

"Journey into a New Day"

By Olivia Le, Dreyfoos School of the Arts

All the winners will be receiving gift cards for
photography classes and equipment at the
Palm Beach Photographic Centre!